South Vancouver Island

Warmer, drier weather, less snowfall and some great rock create the perfect breeding ground for new mountain bikers. Southern Vancouver Island has produced some world class athletes and keeps many an avid rider on two wheels much of the year.

The standard disclaimer….

Mountain Biking is a potentially dangerous sport and the user of this map agrees to use this map at his or her own risk. This map does not attempt to distinguish between public or private property or imply access to the trails. The user therefore acknowledges that the trails may be on private property and will not ride on them.

Not all trails and roads are shown.

Liability : None!

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Victoria plays host to a selection of trails from the compact trail network at Hardland Road to more open areas at Harbourview in Sooke.

Check with your local bike shops for more info along with updates on the and websites.

Trail Listings


  • Harbourview map –

Cobble Hill

  • Cross country race course


Home to Mt. Prevost and Mt Tzouhalem, some trails are coming under the knife as logging on private lands continue. Dedicated trail workers are doing what they can but be sure to look before you leap.

Trail Listings

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