North Vancouver Island

A hidden gem exists in the trails near Campbell River. Hundreds of kilometers of singletrack thread through the site of logging 50 or more years ago. Further away, small groups of dedicated builders have cut trails through the rainforests of Northern Vancouver Island.

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Campbell River

Campbell River has a long standing network of trails located in the Snowden Demonstration Forest which has recently enjoyed some serious maintenance due to funds from the Western Economic Diversification fund. Many new bridges, brushed out trails, new switchbacks and more traverse the nearly 100km’s of singletrack found in the forest.

Check with your local bike shops for more info along with updates on the river city cycling club websites.

Trail Listings

  • Snowden Demonstration Forest – Zoomify Map
  • Powerhouse Trails – Zoomify Map
  • Beaver Lodge Map – Zoomify Map

Gold River

Recent logging and forest fires have played havoc on the trails in this region.  A basic map of Antler and Scout lakes can give you a starting point for your adventures. Please note, not all trails are well delineated.

  • Gold River Trails – Zoomify Map

Port Alice

Port Hardy & Port McNeill

Rainforests play host to many hidden trails. A small but resourceful group of riders have created a series of trails through young forests close to town.

  • Check in at the Shed Outdoors in Port McNeill for updated trail information.
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