Hai Gai

Quite possibly one of the most scenic rides since a river runs through it, Hai Gai is built alongside Perseverence Creek in the Cumberland Community Forest. Designed and built to connect riders from Bucket of Blood, Ginger Minge and Broadway, this trail provides tight and technical single track with some stream side diversions.

Riders will find the 100m past the bridge over Perseverence creek. Starting on the right, the trail heads off through a clearing, corners and hits the first stunt, a creek gap of approx 6 feet clearance. A ride around is provided to the right, although it’ a good indication of the technical trail ahead.

The trail now reverts to a log ride down a well worn out cedar tree, and proceeds steeply down under a large uprooted tree. Sharp corners covered with loose dirt are ahead, and following this first major barrier, the trail will proceed flowing up and down all the way to the exit of the Cumberland Downhill course.

This trail is rated Expert for it’s steep and technical entrance, and loose rooted loamy steeps in various parts of the ride.

Trail Map and photos coming soon.

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