Grub, Stub, Pity the Fool

Grub, Stub and Pity the Fool make up a triple section freeride / downhill trail well worth the long ride/hike up. Starting at the highest point of any Cumberland Trails at 618m, the trail offers flowing singletrack downhill, a selection of stunts, skinnies, and some pretty technical sections.

Not for the faint of heart, riders who can’t negotiate the long approach will probably turn around before trying this trail. Snow covers the trail for most of the winter and spring, but this makes for a great summer ride when the stunts and conditions are prime. A must do for riders spending a weekend in the Comox Valley.

Located above Cumberland, grab a trail map at Dodge City Cycles or the Riding Fool before heading out. Park at the CRI parking lot, (0km) turn left heading downhill and proceed through the yellow gate at the bottom of the hill (250m) and begin the ride up. Follow the main logging road to the right up past all other trails to the top Lookout (4.2km). Depending on the weather and snow line, Stub and Pity the Fool are available from this lower access road. The climb to Grub proceeds to the left and continues up through the clearing. The road will become less clear as you come into small alders along the trail. Look for a small trail (5.7km) going up to the right to a rocky bluff. Grub starts from the top of this and proceeds as a nice rip down. The trail flows with mixes of small rolling rock outcroppings, forested trails and some short steeps. Intermingled a few larger stunts and log rides are placed strategically on the trail. Traction materials are on most stunts, but always check before you leap.

Grub literally drops you onto the aforementioned logging road and then cross over to Stub (7.3km). Stub is more challenging with a selection of stunts, drops and gaps built along the trail. Most were very slick the day we rode, but check them out and have fun. Ride around routes are available on most of the stunts. Continue down Stub with a small climb along a washed out road bed to the fork for Pity the Fool and Cumberland Cruncher (7.8km). Pity goes right, Cruncher left.

Pity proceeds to drop down pretty quick and steep through a section of twisty narrow segments. Look for the fallen log and stump that you can ride under, it’s definately a fun route. The last sections are again very steep before you are dropped out into a clearing. Ride out along the logging road (the small trail to the left is in poor shape lately) to the yellow gate at the far side of the cut block (8.5km).

This puts you back onto the Comox Lake road and ride back towards Cumberland. Pass over Perseverence Creek, and then turn right onto the old coal train rail bed (8.8km). This nice flat trail brings you back most of the way to town. At the Chinatown Heritage Site (10.4km), Turn left and head up across the road onto Camp Road or keep along the roadway to the first yellow gate and back to the parking lot.

Be sure to stop in for a cup of coffee or a famous donut before heading on your way, and ask at Dodge City Cycles, The Riding Fool or check this page for trail work days to support and help the great builders that bring you this and many other great valley trails. Additionally support for the Cumberland Community Forest Society will help ensure these trails survive for many years to come.

Trip Details

Specs for the ride – approximate based on GPS track.

  • Total Distance – 11.5km (7.2mi)
  • Min Elevation – 148m (485ft)
  • Max Elevation – 618m (2027ft)
  • Total Climbing – 5.73km (3.6mi)
  • Total Descending – 6.01km (3.7mi)

Google Map View

Vertical Profile

Also available for Google Earth – (unzip and open)

You can find Google Earth for free download. If you have any troubles, please contact me for more info.

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