Cumberland BC Mountain Bike Trails

Cumberland has become a mecca for riders on Vancouver Island and beyond. With the most varied selection of trails, easy access and a fabulous trail crew, it should become a regular destination for mountain bikers throughout BC and western Canada.

As of January 2016, the United Riders of Cumberland, with the assistance of the Village of Cumberland signed an agreement with local landowners to legitimize the trails behind Cumberland.

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IMR-300x224A great suggestion for many out of towners is to hire a guide service such as Island Mountain Rides. Their staff know the gems and jewels of Vancouver Island, taking the stress off of finding the right trails in the vast network.

One unique aspect to the Cumberland Mountain Bike Trails is you have an opportunity to save a portion indefinitely by supporting the Cumberland Forest Society. As various riding destinations come under increasing pressure, a group of dedicated volunteers help purchase and add more land to the community forest area. Check out their website and help do your part to support this invaluable cause.

Again the standard disclaimer….

Mountain Biking is a potentially dangerous sport and the user of this map agrees to use this map at his or her own risk. This map does not attempt to distinguish between public or private property or imply access to the trails. The user therefore acknowledges that the trails may be on private property and will not ride on them.

Not all trails and roads are shown.

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Cumberland Trails

Trail Statistics

  • Over 90km of trails ranging from old rail bed and gravel paths, to extreme downhill and freeride stunt trails.
  • New trail information coming soon.
  • See for crowd sourced information (CVMTB not responsible for content on outside websites)

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