Moe’s Misery

Moe’s Misery provides a fun trail for all levels, with year round access. A mixture of single track and linked to various logging roads, Moe’s provides for a fun few hour loop ride, or a more gentle ride up and back.

Located on the south side of the Trent River, between the Powerlines and the E&N Railway, Moe’s can be started from either end, but provides for a good loop ride with the following starting points.

Elevation gain is nominal on this trail, with a gradual slope throughout. The Loop ride listed below is 8.6km’s with approx 85m of elevation gain.

From Royston

South of the Trent River, turn west onto Briardale Rd. at the Farmers Market, then follow around the left hand corner and take your first right onto Hatton Rd. Park at the end and start your ride from here.

Cross the rail tracks and begin onto the roadway on the other side. Keep to your right at the first junction 200m in and ride for approx 800m to the start of Moe’s misery.

Moe’s continues up to the top of the Trent River Valley with a junction 1.3km into the ride. You can turn here and proceed into the doubletrack through clearings or continue all the way to the top.

At 3.1kms on this loop you will find a double track ATV trail following an old logging corduroy road. The trail narrows for a bit before emerging on another somewhat overgrown roadway. Continue to the powerlines at 4.5km and turn right. Look to your left just before this junction for a wooden sign UKIE DSMnT.

Continue right and head under the powerlines for 600m before meeting the top end of Moe’s misery on your right. The singletrack returns all the way down nicely skirting the upper edges of the Trent River Valley. Some great viewpoints and a couple of pretty rest areas will be found on this popular trail. Keep your eyes open, this trail is used by many different users, so please be courteous to others.

To access from Cumberland

Travel Past Crafty Butcher, following the main logging line. Travel through a few cross ditches with an elevated Tetter Totter and stay to the left around Nikkei Mountain. This will lead you to the junction just before the Trent River with the Trent River Main. In the summer time when the water level is low you can proceed straight ahead and then along the downward curving old railbed to the river. Cross and head up the other side.

Once back up the far side, keep to your left as you head south where you will be directed to the overpass over the highway, turn left again and then follow the main roadbed to the powerlines. Turn left at the powerlines at the UKIE DSMnT Sign and then travel north under the lines for approx 600m to the start of Moe’s. Follow to Royston and return via the same or head north and return via Royston Road.

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