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Comox Valley Mountain Bike Trails

Any rider who has had the joy of riding in the Comox Valley knows what a lucky place we have here. From technical DH to comfortable xc trails and beach cruising, there are options for everyone.

We’ll be adding more resources as we go along, in the mean time check out some of the following links from and various other sites.

Again the standard disclaimer….

Mountain Biking is a potentially dangerous sport and the user of this map agrees to use this map at his or her own risk. This map does not attempt to distinguish between public or private property or imply access to the trails. The user therefore acknowledges that the trails may be on private property and will not ride on them.

Not all trails and roads are shown.

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Recent Updates:

  • Added new trail info for Kahona Cruncher, Moe’s Misery and North East Woods. Check the links below for more info.

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Trail Listings

Forbidden Trails

Cumberland Trails

Courtenay Trails

  • Puntledge / Stotan / Nymph Falls Loop TrailpeakBC Hydro InfoMap
  • Nymph Falls Regional Park – WebsiteMapBrochure
  • Seal Bay Park – WebsiteMap
  • Comox Northeast Woods – network of xc trails behind Highland School – Map
  • Moe’s Misery, Royston – fun XC trail – Info
  • Wildwood Forest – Light XC and walking trails – WebsiteMap
  • One Spot Trail – Light XC and walking / equestrian trails – WebsiteMap

Active Comox Valley

Active Comox Valley (ACV) is one of over 100 ‘Active Communities’ in British Columbia. This initiative began in September 2005, and is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and invigorating community spirit through physical activity. We aim at increasing the rate of activity 20% by 2010!

Some of the places listed in the Active Comox Valley guides are mountain bike friendly. Have fun checking out places you haven’t been before.

Guides – 12 places to get activeAnother 12 places to get active

Mount Washington Alpine Resort

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