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2732 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland, BC, Canada

For millennia brewers have taken hops, grain, yeast and water and turned them into flavours unique to their own place in time. Each beer – some rough and some refined – captured the essence of a moment. And right now is a special moment for Cumberland.

Cumberland has always been a community on the fringes, a place where independent thinkers could come for a fresh start and to build something of their own. Today it’s tree planters and oil patch workers, activists, creatives, and tireless trail builders. At the end of the day these disparate folks eat, drink and come together. Building a life with bare hands is thirsty work.

Cumberland deserves good beer that’s a reward for the daily toil of building a community.
Real beer. Brewed right here.


We currently have four core beers and a rotating selection of one-offs, collaborations, and weekly casks. Head over to our Facebook page to see what’s current.

2692 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland, BC, Canada

The historic Waverley hotel is a pub located in the heart of Cumberland. Known for its live music, it is gaining a reputation for fresh, local pub food. Bikers, hikers, skiers, riders love the food and ambiance at The Wave!

2724 Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland, BC, Canada

Locally owned and operated, BiblioTaco is the best place in town for great prices and even better food! This website’s content was written by a cheeky web developer, and he will change everything as soon as the crew gets a break from making delicious tacos and gives him something to replace it with!

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