Road building and Blasting activities on Forbidden Trails

Timberwest contractors are working on road building activities currently till December 22nd.

Please avoid all Forbidden Trails 7 days a week.

Basically, all the forests between the more recent cut blocks are now on the cutting block. This includes portions or all of;

Iron Horse
Goats Head
Rat’s Tails
Saporro Steeps
Monkey’s Challenge
Puntledge Plunge (upper section)

Blasting activities limit access to all trails.

Thanks for the understanding.

PS Editors note – I’m gutted seeing all these trails on the chopping block and I won’t get a chance to ride them again thanks to my car accident… SO please we all really want to go ride them one more time, but is it worth the risk. You never know when they may be doing blasting work. The contractors are not the company. Frustrations shouldn’t be directed their way.

PPS The photo posted is from 2009 when the road location markings were first created. Sooo we’ve had 9 good years since.