Trail Building & Maintenance Workshop

UROC would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Trail Building & Maintenance Workshop, which will be delivered by Mark Wood (of NSMBA and now Trail Holistics).

This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn some key fundamental techniques and knowledge about modern trail building and maintenance, and will include both in-class and field components. Mark has developed some new material and is excited to share!

The workshop session schedule is as follows:
Saturday April 1: 9-12pm classroom session, 1-4pm critical field session
Sunday April 2: 9-12pm practical field session

This is a great learning opportunity and will only help the riding community to continue improving the already amazing trail network! There is no cost to you for registration in this workshop, but please sign up asap. There are 3 ways to register:

  • In person at the Cumberland Recreation Centre (2665 Dunsmuir Ave)
  • Over the phone (250) 336-2331
  • Online: