Mount Washington Bike Park June Update

Great news coming from the hill! It’s great to see some of our local builders working to bring some new trails and flow.

13412062_10157153382295515_7268415435604281536_oBy mid-July we expect to have 4-6 trails open with something for every riding level and type. We will have flowy, technical and cross-country. Crews will be working all-season long to expand.

Below are photos of a Bike Park trail walk from last week. The lower half of the mountain is drying up nicely and crews have been busy shaping Green Line and Back-in-Black. The snow has begun to melt on the upper mountain, things are still wet but have been drying up fast.

Rocky Mountain Bicycles have been chosen for our rental fleet. The two bikes we will have available are the Maiden Park, a fully carbon DH bike and the Altitude 730, a great bike for our new flowy trails! There is a small repair and rental shop set up in the Alpine Lodge to deal with minor repairs such as flats and brake tuning. For larger repairs we encourage you to support your local bike shop.


More Photos from the progress.