2010 Lights Update

2010 Lights Update

It’s that time of year again. Kids are heading back to school, the days are getting cooler and darkness is arriving sooner than any of us would like. 2010 is a great year for lights as our stronger Canadian Dollar, the evolution of LED light technology and a stronger market has brought new and updated lights into the playing field. Check out our report last year and see some of the changes for this season.

We had a look around the valley lately and here are some of the new lights to check out for 2010.

Light & Motion Seca 700

Redesigned for 2010 the Seca 700 boasts and improved beam pattern from its new bi-conic reflector which shoots a clean even beam down the trail. With its new low profile mount the 700 is equally at home on the bar or helmet and at a mere 341 grams with 3 hours of run time, the Seca 700 runs away from every other light in its class.

Replacement for HID

Cruise mode cycles through High, Medium, Low and Flash sequentially. When it’s time to get your speed on, switch to Race mode using a two-second push and hold (starting with the light powered off).

Race mode skips the Medium and Flash modes, allowing you to conserve battery power on the climbs while keeping the High setting just a click away for the descents.

Burn Times

  • 2.5 hrs at 700 lumen
  • 5 hrs at 350 lumen
  • 10 hrs at 175 lumen

Additionally look for the Stella series lights for long burn, helmet and bar compatbility and great light.

Night Rider

Not to rest with their Pro 600 LED light, they’ve upped the ante for 2010 with the Pro 700 and 1400 dual. If you want more lights than a tricked out 4×4 then you’ve found it.

MiNewt Mini 150 USB

Last year I  purchased the MiNewt 150. While it can be a bit weak for high speed decents, more mellow trail riding and road rides are much more enjoyable with this light. For 2010 they have upgraded the MiNewt with a low battery indicator, multiple brightness l

evels and maintained the USB Charger and helmet kit for $155. All in all a great package.


  • 150 Lumens
  • 3 Light Levels – High/Med/Low
  • Flash Mode
  • 3:00hr – 6:00hr Run Time
  • Lightweight – 175g
  • USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Low Battery Indicator

More light than a Baja Racer!

Additionlly for bar mounting they have created the 150 and 250 cordless models with battery included in the housing of the light. Quick handle bar mounts make this a great commuter or crossover trail light.

Tips and Tricks

Check out burn times – see how long your longest ride would be and then add 50% – emergencies happen and having some extra time for flat repair, walking or getting lost is a good idea.

Always bring a second light – a headlamp, led flashlight or commuter handle bar mount can keep you going if a quick dismount or low lying branch takes out your main headlight.

Stop by your local bike shops and see what they have in stock for Demo. With the new technology, you’ll be more than pleased with a great combination of brightness and burn time.

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