UROC Donates $1000 to Cumberland Community Forest

UROC Donates $1000 to Cumberland Community Forest

The United Riders of Cumberland has worked hard to ensure that they can set an example to the community as to how we can dictate the future growth of the community and it’s recreational possibilities.

UROC President Jeremy Grasby presents $1000 cheque to CCFS!

In Cumberland we are lucky to be able to say that the forests that we recreate in are ours to improve, that the trails we spend so long developing and riding are the pinnacle of what can be achieved and that it is the pro-active attitudes towards the village that are borne out of passion for the sports we enjoy, but also for the local area we are privileged to live in.

The United Riders of Cumberland is a registered Non Profit Society that promotes and supports the local Mountain Bike Community in the Comox Valley. Through trail advocacy, volunteerism, promotion of the sport and fund raising, The United Riders of Cumberland are able to encourage participation for all, as well as maintain and build the local trail infrastructure. By organizing annual events such as the XC and DH races and Movie premiers, UROC has been able to raise money for deserving causes. To lead the way for all local user groups and organizations, UROC has donated the sum of one thousand dollars to the Cumberland Community Forest Society. This organization serves as the community’s action against the growing trend of logging encroaching onto the community’s borders by buying up land. Not only does this preserve it in its natural state, but allows the land to be used for the good of the community. For UROC this is seen as the most direct way of influencing what is happening in our community and directly benefiting it.

Donations such as this are made possible by the work of the UROC board and the continual support of the local mountain biking community. With ongoing action such as this the Cumberland landscape is offered the chance to not only develop, but remain in use permanently.

The United Riders of Cumberland are proud of this recent donation and would like to thank all those that have supported the riding community and made actions like this possible. This is seen as a start point to build upon rather than a time to sit on our collective laurels so the next opportunity to raise money and participate in the local racing scene comes with the return of the 12 Hours of Cumberland endurance race on June 19th. Individuals and teams will once again compete to beat each other as well as the limits of their endurance. More details will follow in the build-up to the event.

For more information about the CCFS and to donate go to www.cumberlandforest.com/

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