Mud Run Ride coming to Campbell River

Mud Run Ride coming to Campbell River

We’re proud to announce a brand new Mud Run Ride on Vancouver Island this spring. Launching in conjunction with Swicked Cycles now open in Campbell River. Also on board for the inaugural event is Shore Runners. Come join us on Saturday April 17th and get dirty on the Island!

Everything we know about Mud.

We have most of it nailed down by now, but check back for more details as we approach race day.

Follow the arrows!It’s time to get dirty, bring a friend.

The MUD is an event that gives everyone an opportunity to have fun at an adventure race. Whether you are an experienced racer or you are looking at your first competition, you will cross the finish line with a big smile and even bigger coating of mud.

Both teammates begin running at the start line. After the first kilometer, one is ready to continue running and the other picks up their bike. Throughout the race course you will come upon some Mystery Challenges.

If you are riding at this point, you get off your bike, conquer the challenge and then start running to the next Mystery Challenge. If you are running, you do the challenge and then hop on the bike and start riding to the next challenge. You will be doing this a few times through the event. This way everyone gets to do some riding and running.
Oh and how can I forget… at the finish there will be a nice mud pit waiting for you to crawl through, wall for you to climb over, and the finish line. At this point you can say you have raced the MUD RUN RIDE!


How to get Muddy?

Just register, visit the registration page, click on the link, fill out your info and show up on race day! If you miss registering before the registration cap – come volunteer – and register early for next year!

Why the cap on registration?

We want to offer the best experience to all participants, whether they are first, middle of the pack or coming in last. You are all important and the event experience should be the same! Fantastic!


We are going to recognize the top teams in the following divisions:

  • Top Female Team (2 Females)
  • Top Male Team (2 Males)
  • Top Mixed Team (1 Female / 1 Male)
  • Top Mammoth Team (Combined weight of 400 pounds plus)

How much is it?

$99 per team of two. Click on the registration links and sign up.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Queries

How long is the course?

It’s about 12km total, so when you break it down – you and your partner will each run about 5km and ride about 7km.

What is a Mystery Challenge?

These are located throughout the course that will help take your mind off the biking and running. Always fun to watch and even more fun participating in. There is no special training required.

Is there a style of a bike that you recommend?

You want to use a bike that is good on hard packed and slightly rocky ground. You and your race partner will be sharing the same bike so you want to both fit it a close as possible. That being said it is open as to what you would like to ride on, probably a mountain bike of some sort.

Where can I watch my team?

The finish line is the best place to be. There you will find the mud pit and climbing wall that they have to complete before crossing the finish line. There will also be music, possibly a BBQ and lot’s of other fans chilling by the mud.

Do I need any special gear?

As long as you are comfortable on the bike and while you are running, you are set to go. Some people like to use technical wear, others cotton and even some people like to wear a costume.

Will there be water on the course?

No there will not be any water stations on the course. A water bottle on the bike would be a great idea. There will be an Ultima station at the finish line.

Do I need a compass?

No. The course is clearly marked and you will find many of your fellow races around you.

How do I get to Inter River Park?

You can use this link from Google Maps to find your way there.

How do I find Swicked Cycle in Campbell River?

It’s coming, we’ll let you know.

I want to help out / volunteer, how do I?

On the about us page is information on our volunteers and how you can become part of the team – click here.

Rules of Competition

The rules are a work in process, check back before race day –

  • Both teammates must complete the whole course and finish together at the finish line. They must also switch racing disciplines at each Mystery Event – bike then run and run then bike.
  • It is mandatory that when you are riding your bike you are wearing your helmet. Failure to do so will be an instant disqualification.
  • Some items that will cause instant disqualifications – swearing and rude behaviour towards another racer or MudRunRide crew, littering, going off course, and not obeying the rules of the road.
  • If your bike breaks down, you may continue but in the riding stages you must run with your bike.
  • For everyone’s safety, there is no outside support allowed on course.
  • You must switch the racing discipline at each Mystery Challenge (if you were running you are now riding and visa versa).

Other Need to Know Items

Refund Policy

There are no refunds. This may sound hard, but our top priority is to create an enjoyable and safe race for everyone involved. To put on this type if event does create expenses that are constant no matter who races and volunteers.

In Case of Weather or Act of “God”

The event goes on the day scheduled, rain, shine, hail, tornado.

Waivers and Liability

Racer Medical Information Form / Liability Waiver (PDF)

Save yourself a step on race day, print out the above form, complete them and bring with you on race day to get your number and shirt!

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