Trail Maintenance group gets a new name

Trail Maintenance group gets a new name

Cumberland has been the recent site of much forestry harvesting, and with this is need to rebuild. Two local groups have now joined force to create the United Riders of Cumberland Trail Maintenance Days.

Tied Knot repairs after vandalism

One group, previously called the Forbidden Freeriders, has been involved in many trail days on local Cumberland Trails including major work on Hai Gai, and rebuilding and repairing of Tied Knot, Big Log and others. UROC members have been busy with work above Allen Lake working on trails such as Teapot, Steam Donkey and more.

This newest merge between groups brings workforce together with the insurance and membership perks of UROC and it’s Cycling BC affiliation.

Upcoming Island Cup XC races are the fire behind the next upcoming trail day to be hosted this Sunday March 28th from 11-3 on Buggered Pig.¬† As one UROC member stated “Buggered Pig certainly needs some McLovin.”

Be sure to come get involved and become a member of UROC as they work hard to re-establish trails with the help of Hancock Forest Management and Mike Hamilton Logging.


  1. Robin Burch says

    Nice review Colin, thanks.

    The Trail Days are the LAST SUNDAY of EVERY MONTH – 11am meeting at the CRI Car Park.

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